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Our mission is to provide advice, tips, information and resources to help you successfully grow beautiful potted plants both indoors and outdoors.

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Growing Vegetables in Containers


Container gardening is a great way to grow your own vegetables at home and even if you have just a small space, you can still grow an abundant crop of delicious fresh produce.  Get our free guide and …

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Flower Pots – Tips On How To Choose The Ideal Flower Pots For Your Choicest Flowers!

by antonychammond Flowers hold sway in lending that significant ultimate feel to our homes and gardens; their innate loveliness renders them the ideal finish for all kinds of interiors, whether traditional and severe or new and trendy.Flowerpots enable us to grow our favored flowers inside our homes, albeit the place...
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potted plants

Gardening Without Plots

by Internet Archive Book Images Gardening in containers gives even the smallest porch or patio the ability to project beauty and color or even fresh vegetables and spices for those who care for them. You can let your imagination run wild by utilizing container gardening, even if you live in...
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potted plants

Famous Indoor Plants

by Thomas Hawk The idea of keeping indoor plants is fast catching up. While it helps add on to the looks of your home, it goes at length in purifying the air within the home to a brilliant extent as well. In case you too wish to avail same benefits,...
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potted plants

Enhance a Working Atmosphere: Five Popular Office Plants by Indoor Plants Melbourne

by Laurence & Annie Truth be told, these are the ones whose calling is office plants, and who know the particular traits that every assortment can bring. Yet, just to fill those intrigued by, there are a few plants that are especially prevalent.By and by, to take a portion of...
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